Pearl Jam announce US tour

Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam

So, Pearl Jam have announced details of an American tour for May 2010, taking in a host of big US cities including St Louis, New York and Boston. It only seems to be a short tour – 12 dates in total – but hopefully it’ll be the start of something bigger; something that brings them back to the UK.

I saw them for just the third time last August and once again they were phenomenal. Incredible songs, incredible musicianship and incredible stage presence. Yes, I am am exceptionally biased, but how anyone can question messrs Vedder, McCready, Ament, Gossand and Cameron is beyond me. Never has the quality wavered as the quantity of music has grown. In fact, to many, Pearl Jam keep getting better with age.

So far they are scheduled to play in the UK at Hyde Park on June 25 as part of mini-European tour. Let’s hope they decide to come back later in the year for something more substantial.

And, with the reformation of Soundgarden and the revival of Alice In Chains, a monumental ‘grunge’ tour is just waiting to happen. All they need to do is dig up Cobain and we’ve got a complete set…


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